Custom Web Site Programming

Web programming is a type of programming used to format information (in the form of text, image, sound or video) and put it in a location with an address, accessible to research. The page is structured using an HTML or XHTML language determining the order of titles, paragraphs, tables, etc. to be displayed on a browser (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.). Thus, to understand how the system supporting the website works, it is important to know some basic principles.


HTML is the basic language of the Internet to create shortcuts (hyperlinks) between pages and navigate to these different pages within a set of pages, called a site. Multiplatform and easy to use, HTML does not require very advanced technical knowledge. However, since the language is quite static and has little interaction with the visitor, it has seen many additions since its creation to include other techniques.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the commonly used language in the design of today's websites. Supported by Web browsers, it allows greater flexibility than HTML alone. This modular language (which facilitates its updating) makes it possible to deal with color management, TV web rendering and the user interface configuration (offering a much better interactivity).

One of the main objectives of the CSS is to allow formatting out of documents. Thus, we can describe only the structure of a document in HTML, and describe the whole presentation in a separate sheet in CSS. This makes it easier to manage content, improve accessibility, change the layout more easily, and lighten the architecture of a document (useful for mobile devices that require a lighter ensure smooth navigation).

With optimized Web programming for the new HTML 5 standards, users will find new possibilities for interactivity and an improved and more fluid navigation experience, enabling them to find more products that meet their needs, increase the company's turnover.

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