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The term Whois comes from the contraction of English "who is" meaning "who is". The Whois is a public search service provided by domain name registries to obtain information about "who is" the owner of the domain name.

This information may be useful for a number of reasons, for example, to contact the domain name holder in order to purchase the domain or to exchange links with the website owner.

As whois services are public, this can pose problems for the protection of the privacy of individuals or against spam. That is why there are different possible solutions.

This is why the data served by the whois server is sometimes erroneous, as incumbents have the choice to protect their privacy or have become disabled following a transfer of ownership.

A domain name is a name that serves as a shortcut to an IP address. The purpose of a domain name is to communicate and translate easily into the IP address of a computer network connected to the internet in order to allow to connect to a web server. For example, it is simpler to store a domain name such as g-force.ca than an IP address such as

IP is the acronym for Internet Protocol. An IP address is an identification number that is permanently or temporarily associated with each device connected to a computer network using the Internet protocol. The IP address is the basis for the operation and routing of data on the Internet communication network.

A top-level domain (top-level domain) is a subdomain at the root of the domain name system. The top domain is the last section of the domain name. The most popular are: .com, .net, and .org. Our whois tool supports 1194 TLDs registered with 563 registers.

The information that can be retrieved from a whois request for a domain name is specific to the data schema of its registry. There is no standard on data and its format that the registry must publicize using the whois service. This includes the name, telephone number, civic address, postal code and e-mail address of the holder, as well as technical data such as the date of registration, expiration and DNS.

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