Creating Open Source Sites

The creation of open source sites offers three main advantages: economy, independence and continuous technical support.


The biggest advantage of sites using open source is, without a doubt, their low cost. Since most programs are free to download, it is therefore possible to create a solid and unique presence on the Internet thanks to these tools - provided, of course, they know how to use them properly.


Another advantage of creating a merchant site by using software with open source code is the freedom of action it provides. For any changes you want to make to your site, there is no problem. Simply entrust the sources of the site to a partner capable of making the desired changes without having to wait for special permission from the company having designed the software used.

Continuous technical support

Finally, the third advantage is the ongoing technical support provided by the community surrounding the selected Content Management Software (CMS). So, instead of spending money to solve a problem, it is quite possible that a member of the community has already found the solution you were looking for.

Tell yourself that the chosen software is also designed to meet the compatibility standards of the same community, helping you get help faster when problems arise.

For more information about the different applications, databases and open source site engines, such as blog, PHP and CMS, see our articles on Prestashop , Magento , OpenCart , Wordpress , Joomla and Drupal .

To start your site with open source!