Prestashop Online Shop Design

Created in 2005, Prestashop is a free-to-use e-commerce software that enables small, medium and large companies to create an online store in their own image. Totally free, no monthly fee or commission on sales, Prestashop is a simple and easy to use solution for all entrepreneurs wishing to establish a good presence for their business on the Internet.

Multiple and varied features

Prestashop has more than three hundred integrated features to manage the list of products, payments, delivery, manufacturers and suppliers. Its functionalities fall into two categories; that of the "front office" section and that of the "back office" section. Thus, in the front office, visitors can find:

  • Presentation of featured products on the home page;
  • The ability to offer free shipping;
  • Different methods of payment;
  • The tags of the products as well as the list of these tags.

In the back office, merchants will be able to manage the design and settings of their Internet shop,

  • Layout, graphic design and product details;
  • Statistical data for detailed monitoring of website activities;
  • The management of different currencies;
  • Catalog and order management.

An application for all types of Web servers

This platform can be deployed on any type of Web server on whith MySQL 5.0 nd PHP 5.2 (or newer versions) installed. It allows users to customize their shop (either by purchasing an existing model or by using a team of specialists) to create a unique experience and leave a lasting impression on customers.

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