Creation of merchant site with Magento

  1. Who is Magento for?
  2. Why choose Magento
  3. Why do business with us?
  4. The development process
    1. Hosting: Speed, a key element
    2. Programming: Expandable development
    3. Design: The first impression goes through the eye
    4. Mobility: Accessibility first and foremost
    5. Marketing: The development, the tip of the iceberg
    6. Optimization: Being first in the results
  5. A team there for you

About Magento

Magento is currently considered one of the best Open Source solutions for the creation of an online store. Magento has been developed since 2007 by the American publisher Varien and is based on the "Zend Framework". The first version of the Magento platform was launched on March 31, 2008 and it is now the management tool that propels 26% of the best e-commerce websites.

By studying the market shares of free online store software, it is clear that Magento is at the top of the ranking. The position as the leader of Magento favors its choice as a solution for the future. Magento is one of the most popular management tools for companies that need to create an online store.

Available in two versions

Since its inception, Magento has continually evolved, be its Community version which is free and very complete, as well as the latest Enterprise version, which is a paid version. Magento offers right from its free software, the Community version, the largest number of functionalities on the market which allows you to create a quality e-commerce site.

Although there are many e-commerce solutions, such as a Prestashop, Woocommerce and OpenCart, Magento's e-commerce solution is much more efficient, robust and feature-rich. Even with the free Community Basic version, without the addition of paid modules, we end up with a free software ready to create a complete shop.

If you hesitate with your choice of free software for the creation of your e-commerce site, ask a consultation with a member of our team to make the right decision for your e-commerce solution.

Powered by a well established community

Magento is built to ensure the durability of the solution based on an avant-garde structure to adapt to all needs. By choosing an open source code solution for the development of your e-commerce, you also choose the community that accompanies it.

Since its launch, a very strong community of programmers have come together to maintain Magento. A well-established developer community is a guarantee of success, but also a guarantee of constant development and accessible technical support.

In addition, in July 2008, Magento was awarded the "Best New Open Source Project" trophy by the community of the notable SourceForge Corporation.

1. Who is Magento for?

If you do not already have a business, but you want to develop a business using an online business, we can accompany you to make your ideas come true. If you already have a business and want to improve your sales by opening your horizons on the Internet and marketing your products and services on the Web, we can also help you.

Managing your products, promotions, orders, content and much more are all actions that you will be able to achieve using your website. Our team will help you develop your business in many ways such as using innovative strategies, powerful tools and creative campaigns.

About Magento - Why Choose Magento

2. Why choose Magento

By opting for the Open Source Magento platform, you have been able to open your borders widely with a versatile and flexible system. Your merchant website needs to be developed quickly? Magento can very well meet your needs. Your activities are growing and you want to adapt your shop online? You have chosen the right management tool.

In our experience, we can say that creating a Magento website is a proven and sustainable solution. The Magento solution has been designed for businesses and individuals who want a functionnal website that they can manage on their own. The Magento platform is suitable for sites with thousands of visitors and thousands of products, but it can also be used for small websites.

It is a flexible and functional solution that allows to manage large catalogs of products. Magento allows the rapid creation of e-commerce sites with multiple functionalities. Magento has been technically designed to respond well and easily to upgrade to new versions. This way, you will always be at the cutting edge of technology and benefit from the latest innovations in e-commerce.

Here is a sample of the functions that can help you make an informed choice:

  • Complete customer account
    History with order status, delivery address book, wish list, etc.
  • Email Notifications When Changing Order Status
    Order, payment, invoice, shipment, etc.
  • Shipping rates, instant negotiation by API
    Canada Post, Purolator, UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc.
  • Detailed product page with salient display
    Photos, videos, 3D & 360 ° interactive images, etc.
  • Many payment methods supported
    Stripe, PayPal,, etc.
  • Management of complete order steps, from basket to delivery.

Magento Administration Panel

In control of your business intelligence

Beyond all these features, you will also be able to generate a wide variety of reports on sales, inventory, dropping baskets, customers, and more. Thanks to the numerous reports, it is possible to analyze the activity of your site with detailed statistics. All these reports will give you a very detailed picture of your activities and will help you to guide your decisions.

Magento is scalable and offers added functionality using extensions available on the Magento Marketplace. As Magento is a CMS, it has an administration area in which it is possible to manage your products and sales, but also to customize and configure your e-commerce.

  • Automated order tracking
    Delivery costs, consignments, tracking numbers, after-sales service, etc.
  • Creation of orders via the administration area, for example for telephone orders
  • Limit the purchase of a product under a certain number in stock in order to avoid breakages
  • Multilevel hierarchy with nested categories and sub-categories
  • Multi-storey, multilingual, multi-currency management

Magento is known for the versatility of its management panel and the many customization possibilities it offers. Magento offers a lot of features at both the front-end and back-office levels.

3. Why do business with our team?

Our years of experience have enabled us to work with numerous extensions that enrich the platform to better meet specific needs: optimize performance, connect to APIs, improve the user experience, integrate marketing tools, etc.

With the vast amount of modules available on the Magento Marketplace, we will be able to modify your site to align it with your vision. If nothing exists to accommodate you, we will develop the necessary extension to make your site a completely personalized solution. The configuration and its development are carried out according to the pragmatic logic and the evolutionary use of the platform.

Programming and integration Magento

Our working methods are based on the same as those of the solution developers for better integration.

We can carry out your project from A to Z. From the installation of the software Magento on your server, to the configuration of the catalog of products, the integration of your carrier for the calculation of the cost of transport, linking your shop in line with your merchant account processor to collect payments and other customizations and automations imaginable.

Not only as a web programmer's agency, it allows us to better understand the diversity of a company's needs, be it programming, management, marketing or design.

4. The development process

Hosting: Speed, a key element

Choosing your hosting service for your Magento site is important because its power is reflected in its resource cost. On the other hand, do not be mistaken, using a suitable hosting solution for the platform, you will get as much performance from Magento as any other e-commerce software. We can do the installation of your Magento site at the host of your choice, the majority of the popular hosts can do the business, with or without cPanel.

However, we can also provide you with the appropriate hosting solution for a fast and secure online store, which we strongly suggest. The optimized hosting for Magento is a bit more expensive, but you can enjoy all the benefits.

To host a Magento site, make sure the server is based on the LAMP architecture and that it has the latest versions of the server software. Shared hosting can do just as well as a virtual server or dedicated server, but in most cases, a dedicated solution will perform better.

If this is not already the case, you will also need a domain name easy to remember. Additionally, an SSL certificate is required to ensure that your site's address begins with "HTTPS", in order to secure transactions with your site and make visitors more confident.

Programming: Expandable development

Several extensions can be downloaded from Magento Connect, the official Marketplace of Magento, and others can be customized. In most cases, an existing extension allows you to add functionality to your site without having to do programming.

Just do a little research in Magento extensions directories to find out if there is a ready to fill your needs. The majority of extensions are installed as simply as a theme, but some require more advanced settings, so we are available to assist you.

If none meets your needs, you can do business with our team so that you integrate your own features into your Magento site. Magento offers an application programming interface, also known as an API, that facilitates expansion development and integration with external systems as well as existing platform capabilities.

Design: The first impression goes through the eye

A simple and effective solution - The graphic theme

For designing your Magento site, the simplest solution is to choose an existing graphic theme. This solution greatly simplifies the development phase of the online store, enabling the site to be created much more quickly and at lower cost. It is therefore much more affordable to start from a prefabricated theme, then modify it so that they meet your needs, than develop a theme from scratch.

There are a lot of free and paid themes. You can take advantage of the services of our team to modify the details of the visual of your e-commerce that bother you and to add new elements. For the visual aspect of your site, you can choose the graphic theme to use for your online store, or let us suggest the best choice according to the needs of your company.

However, if you decide to choose your theme yourself, free or paid, we can still personalize it to reflect the image of your brand and make it unique in the eyes of the people who will visit it.

Magento site design for the best user experience

A tailor-made design - The work of graphic designers

Knowing your specificities and strategy is also important for us so that we can offer you completely customized solutions, visually and in terms of functionality, to meet your needs. That's why, with many years of experience in design and integration of our team members, we can also create a unique and customized design or modify your existing design in order to optimize the user experience.

In addition, we can analyze the sites of your competitors to group the positive elements in order to serve as a reference for the creation of a graphic design with optimal ergonomics. We pay close attention to designing your website design so that it matches your graphic identity. We can provide you with a mock-up for each of the basic pages of your online store, ie the reception, the categories, the products, the contact form, etc.

The visual aspect of your site is valuable and your communication axis must be visible, functional, original and creative. All our creations are made by having the user in mind in order to make their experience with your brand more favorable.

Creating your Magento business is important because it is the showcase of your business that you open to the world. This is why the design and its user experience must be treated and thought out, in order to convert the greatest number of visitors into buyers and to retain your customers.

To give you the best results and a conversion rate from visitors to the highest customers, we have focused on creating Magento business, which allows us to be more efficient. We continuously study user behavior to better understand their browsing methods, buying habits and possible improvements to increase sales in your store.

Our e-commerce websites are optimized for efficiency and conversion rate, but also offer a user experience that is rewarding and focused on your goals and branding. Some of the most important parts to optimize are the general organization of the catalog, pagination and search tools, as well as the shopping cart pages, the purchase and payment process.

Online shop responsive mobile with Magento

Mobility: Accessibility first and foremost

It is important to know that 61% of the users who visit your site from a mobile device will prefer to leave it rather than continue to visit it if the design is not adapted to the size of its screen. In addition, since 2014, traffic from mobile devices has surpassed the number of visits from computers. That's why we only recommend responsive themes to better answer your visitors on their smart phones and tablets.

Much of the available themes are unfortunately not yet adapted to the mobile and, as is unavoidable nowadays, it is necessary to make the right choice. It is therefore essential that the design of your site is well chosen, because if it is not adaptive, you risk having a very high rate of rebounds. The price of a high quality theme is close to a few hundred dollars, which is reasonable considering the thousands of dollars of savings you make.

Marketing: The Creation, the Tip of the Iceberg

The project of an e-commerce does not end with the on-line following the design of the site. If your project to sell online is real, your budget will also need to include a serving for marketing in this case. The marketing aspect is essential, that's why you need to plan a part of the investment for setting up a marketing campaign.

Fortunately, Magento comes with many features to help your customer loyalty and increase your sales:

  • Promotional offers and advanced pricing Bundled offer, limited time, discount coupon, etc.
  • Integration of social media sharing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Navigation by Attribute Filter Size, Price, Color, etc.
  • Geolocation Languages, date format, currency, etc.
  • Cross-selling and Suggested Products
  • Predictive Search Tool
  • RSS feeds and Google Sitemap

It is important to address the question of what portion of the budget will be used for the design of the online store and for the marketing that will follow. This will allow us to set up creative and bold marketing campaigns to ensure that you reach your goals. For example, we can produce cost-per-click ads with AdWords, branding ads on Facebook and target your visitors with retargetting.

However, if you believe that designing a site for a merchant site is very costly, think again.

Referencing: Being first in the results

SEO, also called optimization for search engines, aims to give visibility to your products, which is essential for the success of your e-commerce and must be integrated with your company's marketing strategy.

In the current context, one of the main issues for your online store is its ability to be seen in search engine results, especially on Google, although Bing and Yahoo continues to gain market share. When creating your Magento site, there are several technical aspects to take into account to improve your SEO.

If you have a Magento store and you are wondering about the SEO capabilities of the platform and its effectiveness in being ranked well in the search engine results pages, be reassured, even in its free Community Basic version, Magento can be naturally well ranked by search engines.

Fortunately, many functionalities have been included in the administration panel for a very advanced natural referencing and which can be supplemented by modules and extensions developed by the Magento community.

In addition to the actions you can manage, such as text writing, link building and social media promotion, there are also several other technical elements to consider when creating a shop online to optimize the indexing of your site by the search engine robots.

Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization

When creating your site, our team of integrators and programmers will ensure that best practices are applied according to W3C standards so that your shop meets the standards required for good referencing with optimal performance.

Afterwards, we can accompany you with a detailed audit of your site following the analysis of the statistics of Google in order to understand the needs of the Net surfers and propose optimizations to better answer them. In addition, we can carry out any kind of in-depth analysis, for example on the keywords to be used, the content to be created and the links to be fetched.

If you want to learn more about SEO Magento or use our SEO services, our team is at your disposal. To learn more about search engine optimization, you can also browse our site to read the many other pages on it.

5. Contact us: A team there for you

If your website project is important to you, you want to have access to all the features that a site can offer you, then the power of Magento is the solution. I invite you to join our team for a free consultation at your offices to evaluate your project of Magento online shop. We will analyze your needs and offer you an estimate for the creation of your online shop. We will do a thorough analysis of your brand and your communication axis.

Our service offerings are complete and personalized according to your budget, whether it is for the creation of a Magento e-commerce, the installation of an extension of the Magento Marketplace, the updating of your site or any other modification tailored.

Our quotations are accompanied by suggestions, analysis of your competitors and detailed descriptions of the evaluation of the work. For our team, it is essential to pass on as much information as possible to educate our clients so that they can make sound decisions. We will then provide you with a solution adapted to the needs of your company, equipped with the best tools and equipped with the latest technologies.

So, if you want your company to integrate the world of ecommerce by choosing a custom Magento platform, contact us today. To learn more about the benefits of this solution, you can also contact a member of our team.

To start your online shop !