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Design for the Web is an important area of ​​web marketing. It is also quite large, because it has several facets. If the user view is the most visible part of the merchant site , it is only a very small part of a company's web presence. Indeed, the visitor can not see everything that takes place "behind the scenes" to catalog, label, calculate and present the products or services likely to interest him. These aspects (both visible and invisible) are all part of Web design.

A good web design that allows an efficient navigation experience

Several open source websites (such as WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop and Magento) offer customizable solutions for entrepreneurs wishing to offer users a good experience on their online store (or their shop window). These are very affordable and offer pre-established templates of graphic themes, with colors, images and an attractive visual composition, attracting the attention of customers.

However, if the solutions are good, they are also victims of their popularity. Thus, as mentioned above, series production sites, such as mass-produced cars, go unnoticed. This is why the site of a company should not be treated as a serial product, but rather as a single work. That is true. For the design to fulfill its mission of leaving the customer with a unique impression of the company, three things are required: an original design, a logo and a newsletter (ensuring customer loyalty).

With these three things, the chances that the visitor will remember the business will be very large and will help to bring it back to make other purchases on the merchant site.

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