OpenCart Merchant Website Creation

OpenCart is an open-source e-commerce software, written in PHP language. With its simplified, easy-to-use and optimized SEO interface, the software also offers a choice of pre-established site templates, as well as a system for managing orders and payment processes.

OpenCart also comes with a lifetime support and free technical support service, making it one of the most popular web design solutions.

Features for all types of businesses

The software offers an infinite number of functionalities that allow to meet the needs of each company and thus to expand its clientele by offering a unique experience of navigation and purchase. OpenCart is offered in two versions (one free and the other commercial and paying), which allows the site to be easily adapted to different markets.

Its main features include:

  • An unlimited number of categories, products and manufacturers;
  • Multi-language and multi-lingual compatibility;
  • The ability for users to evaluate products;
  • Free source code, allowing developers to modify it at will;
  • Abundant and free documentation;
  • Fully customizable graphic presentation;
  • More than 20 different payment methods;
  • More than eight different delivery modes.

Free technical support and an abundance of extensions

Specially designed to create a dynamic merchant site, OpenCart integrates the most popular payment options from the web (Credit Cards, PayPal, Google Checkout, NochEX) and also offers a wide variety of international delivery services.

In addition, its strong community allows for quick answers to all technical questions, no matter how complex. It is therefore a low-cost solution for companies seeking to efficiently manage their transactions and their merchant site.

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