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You know SEO? It is a marketing method developed especially for the Web to allow the site of a company to have a better visibility within its clientele by finding itself among the first results of the search engines.

How does it work?

Search engines are used to search for phrases, keywords, entered by users. Some of these keywords allow users to find pages that are more or less relevant to what they are looking for. The merchant sites, of course, understood this principle well. For this reason, using the usage statistics of visitors to a merchant site, it is possible to determine which keywords are placed in the search engines and which have allowed visitors to site of the company.

Thus, in this text, there are 5 times the word SEO. This allows this text to stand out more easily when users are searching for information about web referencing.

What are the different types of SEO?

Regardless of the type of SEO, the goal remains the same: bring more visitors to the merchant site and thus conclude more transactions.

The main types of SEO are therefore:

  • Natural SEO (or Organic SEO): bring out the name and products and services of the company in the best search engine results, by identifying the business needs and tools communication;
  • The "content building": by creating original content that the public, this makes it possible to stand out and leave a lasting impression to the visitors of the website.
  • The "net linking": it involves setting up an increase in the number of links to the site of the company, improving the positioning of the company in the search engines;
  • "Ranking": strategy generally of the level of relevance of your company in the results of the search engines. With certain keywords or targeted advertisements, positioning can be substantially improved.

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