Free website creation or low cost

Creating a website always involves some cost, if only in terms of time. However, today there are many ways to create a website in a completely free way - provided, of course, know some basic computer skills. The free or low-cost design of a website not only saves money, but also takes advantage of technologies that are sometimes even more efficient than commercially licensed technologies.

An economical solution, provided you know what to do

First, it is important to do a study of the needs of the company. Does the company need a showcase site, an e-commerce site, a mobile site, an intranet / extranet site or a content management system (CMS) site? If the company does not yet have a website, it would be more advantageous to start with a showcase site.

To make a site for free, obviously, you have to have the technical skills to create the site yourself. Generally, the free solutions offered come with pre-set templates, customizable to your liking. This means that you do not have to pay for quotes or hire a web designer, graphic designer, programmer or marketing specialist to optimize the interface and architecture of the website.

A Web site with the image of the company

However, the challenge will not be how to create its site, but to differentiate itself from competitors. A serial web site, like a mass-produced car, with no peculiarity, will not stand out. This is where knowledge of extensions, widgets and plug-ins will prove indispensable.

Some options, sometimes low-cost, but generally feasible, provided you know how to get by, make it stand out while using the base of a free site. For example :

  • Server administration;
  • Webmaster technical administration;
  • Domain name registration;
  • Website hosting;
  • Content creation (intellectual property);
  • SEO;
  • Newsletter and web marketing modules;
  • Community Management.

For more information on designing and creating mobile websites, see the articles: e-commerce , open-source authoring and Web-based programming .

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