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The term Whois comes from the contraction of English "who is" meaning "who is".

Whois is a service provided by the "Internet number registers" that are responsible for the distribution of IP addresses.

It is a free public search tool to get information about "who is" the owner of an IP address.

This information may be useful for a number of reasons, for example, to know which geographic location your visitors are to better define your target audience.

IP is the acronym for Internet Protocol. An IP address is therefore an identification number which is associated with each apparatus connected to a computer network using the Internet protocol.

The IP address is the basis for the operation and routing of data on the Internet communication network.

There are two types of IP addresses. Both versions of the IP address format are IPv4 and IPv6. Version 4 is represented by four numbers between 0 and 255 which are separated by a period, for example: The notation supporting the hexadecimal IPv6 addresses is formed by 8 groups of 2 bytes separated by the symbol ":" such as 2b0f: d732: 31b0: c56e: f4d2: da0d: 339d: bcfc. Our free online whois tool supports both formats.

The information that can be retrieved from a whois request for an IP address is specific to the data schema of its registry. There is no standard on data and its format that the registry must publicize using the whois service. This includes the name, phone number, civic address, postal code and e-mail address of the owner, which is convenient for geolocation.

In most cases, you will not have the end-user information of the IP address, but rather the contact details of the IP provider of the IP address. Internet service providers have large pools of IP addresses at their disposal and often performs rotations according to the availability of addresses when the user logs on.

As well as the WHOIS service for IP addresses, domain names also have a WHOIS service. Visit the WHOIS Domain Name Tool on our website.