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Merchant sites should not only be restricted to desktop personal computer users. They must also support customers on mobile platforms. That's why, in order to have an efficient navigation experience on the tablet and on the smartphone, it is necessary to use technologies specifically optimized for mobile sites and applications (and responsive sites

Web Features

Mobile websites are part of the Web 2.0 generation that offers greater interactivity to Internet users. In order to remain accessible everywhere, mobile sites are programmed using an "adaptive" architecture, that is to say, it will adapt to the mobile device used to access it. This highly popular e-commerce solution allows multiple types of devices to access a single site without running into problems due to, for example, illegible characters or disproportionate images.

It is therefore a low-cost solution for all businesses, as well as a way to attract a wider clientele to products or services that may be of interest to them.

A responsive mobile site; an indispensable asset

Thanks to a design designed for different mobile devices, a mobile website allows you to remain competitive and offer a dynamic and modern image to the company. This will mean:

  • Improved user experience through its aesthetics, smooth navigation and design;
  • More effective marketing strategies to provide customers with more products and services falling within their areas of interest;
  • An essential asset to increase the number of visits and users, and thus to increase the number of transactions carried out.

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