Website development with Joomla!

Joomla! is a free content management system (CMS) with open source code, allowing it to be modified by any developer to match the needs of the enterprise.

Written in PHP with object-oriented programming and a MySQL database, Joomla! offers a host of features that allow you to manage blogs, as well as surveys, search engines, RSS feeds and news feeds.

Effective web design and management system

In the same way that a library stores and manages the traffic of its documents and books, the Joomla! allows tracking of all data on the Web site. So, Joomla! allows you to manage text, images, photos, music and videos without having to have extensive technical knowledge to ensure effective management. This system allows you to simplify the task and have an eye on the behavior of visitors to your website.

An impressive selection of extensions to personalize its website

To create an online store, you must first give it a unique appearance. That's why Joomla! is used as much by small as by big companies, and this, throughout the planet, among others on:

  • Sites and portals of large corporations;
  • Intranets;
  • Web sites for magazines, newspapers or publications;
  • E-commerce and online booking websites;
  • School, community and not-for-profit sites;
  • Sites of government agencies.

In addition, with the official Joomla! Extensions directory, there are more than 7,700 free and payable extensions available for companies seeking to create a solid and visible presence on the Internet.

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