Creation of online sales shop websites

An e-commerce site (also known as storefront, online store, or merchant site) is a web presence that allows visitors to order or pay for products and services. Online shops are generally distinguished from "showcase" sites, which serve rather to give a general overview of the company, its products and services.

Main functions of an online store

Online shops serve primarily as transaction platforms for visitors. Their two main functions are:

  • To allow the customer to place an order and the merchant to follow this order;
  • To allow the customer to pay directly for his order.

A simple and effective way to promote the growth of a company

Today's clientele is mobile. She can come and go quickly. To stay on top of trends, you have to be able to reach her where she is. This is why the e-commerce site must be easy to use and optimized to be accessible to as many platforms as possible.

This means that the site must include:

  • A dedicated page for each product, with a purchase button;
  • A virtual shopping cart, which allows the visitor to see a list of his choices before finishing his purchases (or save some items to buy them later);
  • An order process, ie a series of pages ranging from the virtual shopping cart to the order confirmation page, with the entry of the address and payment information and the calculation of the delivery costs ;
  • A confirmation page, summarizing all the information of the purchase.

For more information on the various e-commerce engines, see our articles on Prestashop , Magento , Opencart and Woocommerce .

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