Website creation with Wordpress

WordPress is a open source content management system (CMS), written in PHP and using a MySQL database. Chapped by the American company Automattic, WordPress is one of the main blog engines of the Web ( However, its versatility and functionality enable it to effectively manage any form of website, including e-commerce sites (among others, through its WooCommerce extension.

A site easy to create and manage, with choices suitable for all businesses

WordPress is mainly used as a system feeding blogs. However, the complexity and versatility of WordPress allow it to be used to create many other kinds of websites, including merchant sites and shop windows:

  • With a wide variety of visual themes, WordPress quickly creates a web presence with a professional seal and an easy-to-navigate interface for both users and site administrators. Each theme is created using a PHP structure, with valid HTML and CSS codes;
  • The versatile architecture of WordPress allows the user to add the number of extensions and plug-ins he wants (currently 39,078). These extensions include SEO and search engine optimization, as well as customer portals, payment process management, and cataloging of products.
  • WordPress also offers a series of applications specifically designed to be compatible with mobile devices, including WebOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. Although these applications offer a more limited amount of options than the computer version, they can reach customers where they are and lead to more transactions.

DWordPress is a very popular choice. Currently, this management system is used by nearly 18% of Web sites.

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