Website creation with Drupal

Created in 2001, Drupal is a open source content management system (CMS) software written in PHP language and published under the GNU General Public License. Just like Joomla!, although it can be used on all LAMP databases (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Drupal can also be programmed and customized for all kinds of uses, including design and creation of merchant sites .

Described by its founder Dries Buytaert as a "fast web site assembler", it allows small, medium and large businesses to create an online store in their own image.


Winner of the 2009 Best Open Source PHP Content Management System (in front of WordPress and Joomla!), Drupal has more than 4000 built-in functions to manage all aspects of a merchant site. Thus, among the main functionalities, we find:

  • A flexible modular system;
  • A customized graphic theme management system;
  • Extensive and easy to edit content;
  • Search engine optimization ;
  • Permissions based on the role of the user (visitor or administrator)
  • An advanced publishing system and collaboration tools.

To make website administration easier, Drupal's interface has been redesigned to foster the creativity and innovation of website creators and content publishers.

Flexibility guaranteed by its free and open source code

A Drupal-enabled site provides fast, responsive browsing experience and can accommodate large amounts of traffic with enhanced JavaScript and CSS optimization as well as several other built-in features, including better cache management.

Finally, for all questions or technical concerns, the Drupal community is alive and dynamic, which makes it possible to find a solution quickly and at low cost.

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