Online advertising with Google AdWords

AdWords is a type of online advertising featured on Google. This is a type of links appearing above the natural results of the search engine, either in a small color table below the search bar, or to the right of the results.

What AdWords can do to help a business

Using AdWords, a website can instantly lead the way on Google results, providing greater visibility to the company and making it more competitive. Concretely, AdWords, well chosen, according to the needs of the company, give:

  • A significant and rapid increase in web site traffic;
  • Better targeting of customers, as well as a broad and diversified market;
  • A better conversion rate, which means greater profitability.

How to get the most out of AdWords

Most strategies in AdWords focus first on a specific selection of keywords, purchased from an auction system (where the price of each word is determined by its effectiveness, obtain, as well as the website on which it will be used). These words will serve to target customers according to their consumption habits and web browsing.

AdWords allow advertisers to pay for their advertising only when interested people click. This keeps control over expenses and better targets customers. Results are shown as quickly (through Google Analytics, giving details on the performance of selected AdWords, as well as some suggestions for enhancing web presence).

Finally, AdWords allow you to choose customers with precision. If the company sells a particular service, it can categorize its product according to a customer base, a region, a language itself and thus increase its market share. This can be particularly useful when the customer is on a mobile device (61% of consumers on a mobile platform consult a search engine before making purchases).

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