Domain Advertising on Facebook

More and more companies are using social networks to get closer to their customers and better target their consumer habits and needs. Facebook, in particular, is now a stepping stone for business on the Web.

What domain advertising on Facebook can accomplish

At the core, Facebook is a meeting point where people can discuss, share or display their tastes and interests. Facebook advertising uses user interaction to better target their needs (depending on their browsing history, for example) and to allow companies to find where customers are likely to be interested. These advertisements come in 10 categories:

  • Facebook app ads;
  • Ads for domain;
  • Event announcements (perfect for competitions);
  • Ads for mobile applications;
  • Ads for "Like" pages;
  • Ads on messages, with offers found on links, photos, texts and videos of users.

Advertisements on Facebook are based on an auction sales system, where advertisers must pay either based on the number of clicks or on the number of reactions (comments, shares, etc.), or based on the number of clicks, actions leading to purchases. One of the most interesting aspects is that Facebook offers a lot of different advertising formats, which not only allows you to adapt to any company and any type of website, but also to create your own advertisements.

How does Facebook advertising work?

Facebook's custom interface service, or API developer ads such as Qwaya, can advertise on Facebook either in the form of windows in the margin of the user's news feed (typically at the top right of the screen) , or that of "featured" stories within the news feed of registered users.

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